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Don't you hate resighting in your sights when you change or put on your broadheads.Normal fix blades guide the arrows and don't fly good so changing sights or tuning rest is a pain with lots of hours but don't worry now there is a better flying broadhead that groups with your field points. Paper tune bow to bullets then just put on and hunt.No more resighting in sights, just shoot!Double whammy Broadheads!

Triple Whammy!!

Shoot's like your field points!

Note: Its very important that you tune your bow in order to get field point accurate groups! All the fix blade broadheads on the market claim to fly like field points but the fact is unless your bow casts the arrow straight out of the bow on release the blades will hit the air resistance and glide off target due to blades being exposed. So if your bow is not tuned for bullets in paper or the arrow spine is too weak and causes arrow to bend on flight to the target then the blades are exposed to the air resistance causing the arrow to glide off target. Its a simple fact of life.
This is how you can get your fix blades to fly and group with your field points.
1) Tune bow to shoot bullets or almost bullets from 3 feet to 10 yards.
2) Cause the arrow to spin to counter act the bending motion of the arrow in flight by using helical vanes, Stealth Hunter Rest, Acu-Vanes,Turbo Nocks, and stiffer arrow.Using one or more of these will keep your arrows flying straight. These keep the arrow straight after leaving the bow so blades have no to low air resistance. Note: The Dispersion Airflow on the front of the Double and Triple Whammy work to protect the blades from the air resistance from flight unlike all other fix broadheads because you get less air resistance or "NO" air resistance due to design. This makes them more accurate than all other fix blade broadheads but you still need to tune bow to bullets in order for it to work.
3) Spin check broadhead on arrow for no wobble and paper test for bullets just before hunting.Note: The Double Whammy or Triple Whammy spin true when spin checked straight from the box at 99.9% of the time.
There is more information about the Dispersion Airflow at bottom. We should always keep in mind that our bows need to be in tune. The fact is we can't cheat on tuning our bows but the Double & Triple Whammy broadheads make it easier.

Built to be air-o-dynamic! Built to out penetrate!
And tough replaceable blade!Click here!


You can order your Double or Triple Whammy broadheads by using the Paypal button or use your debit or credit card by using the blue button. Your information is protected by Paypal.

(OUT OF STOCK)$25.00=Double Whammy 100 grain(free shipping)

$25.00=Triple whammy 125 grain(free shipping)

(OUT OF STOCK)$11.99us=Replacement blades for Whammy Broadheads.(Free shipping). There is no mark up on this product.It's dealer's price.

These are great fix broadheads that fly like a field point,penetrate deeper and tough.
*Large Blades(front 1/2" and back 1 1/16)
.048 hardened
*Cut on contact for best penetration
*Ferrule(7075 aluminum)
*replaceable stainless blades
*Fly like field points 310+
*100 grains(one cut on contact blade and two behind).Cross cut.
* 3 broadheads to a pack


(OUT OF STOCK)$25.00us= Double Whammy Broadheads.(Free Shipping!)
Super Sale!!

$25.00us= Triple Whammy Broadheads.(Free Shipping!)

I shot these broadheads at 40 yards at 315 fps(1.5 inch vanes) and they grouped with my field points.If you hunt in a state where you can't use mechanical's then these are perfect.You want extreme penetration and shoot like a field point then these are the one!

Archery and hunting is easy when you understand the facts and use equipment that makes your life alot easier and more accurate. You can increase your odds and take the gambling out of hunting by using the best equipment. Just by using Mike's Strings and cables or Mike's Speed strings takes alot of the tunning time away or almost no need for tunning. Because your bow stay's in tune due to the low to no strech strings. You can get great arrow flight after only one paper tunning and with the Stealth Hunter rest, stiffer arrows with helical vanes the arrows stay on target for super tight groups. Using facts and test results we see that we can spend more time shooting and less time tunning. Just to make sure your bow is in tune paper test bow every month. It normal only takes 0ne or two shoots to know if your getting bullets then your done for next month. You will notice most of the time your bow stays in tune with these products compared to other products. When your arrows fly straight inline with the target they will hit that target. The Double & Triple Whammy broadheads are the best fix broadhead to stay on target alinement. If you can't use a mechanical broadhead then these are the best. A mechanical will fly best because of the design and increases your odds in killing that buck due to larger cutting diameter but when states that are ignorant and won't let you use them then the Double & Triple Whammy are the best choice. Note: Not all mechanicals fly like field points and some designs malfunction. The Rage is a good example and all mechanical broadheads that have design problems or malfunctions should be taken off the market!! Its extremely sad when we see famous archer's push bad products just for money! Picking the right broadhead for the job is important. If I can't shoot a good mechanical then the Double Whammy is my choice.

Any questions or comments use comment box below.Besure to put full email address so I can return Emails. Thanks Mike!

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