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Bear Trap Arrow Rest 

The Bear Trap has full containment and wide range
of tuning. Springs add more flex fingers/post.

The Bear Trap is adjustable for up and down
and side by side.

Be sure to give me your email so I can contact you for right-handed or left-handed arrow rests below.

$70us=Bear Trap arrow rest

$70us=Bear Trap arrow rest

The Rubber posts/fingers let the arrow flex and bend for better tuning and come in  #1, #2, #3. Each are a different stiffness. Each post/fingers has springs. This lets the arrow flex more if needed and posts/fingers last twice as long. The posts/fingers can be replaced. Because the are rubber. They are quiet and last a long time with the springs and rubber posts/fingers. They last 3 to 4 times longer than a biscuit. Because the vanes pass through the posts they don't ware on the vanes like the biscuit. The body is made of aluminum. Light weight.  

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