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 Before paper tuning, set up bow. See pictures

Cutting a hole in box on both sides works good.
Add paper to front of box with tape on four corners.


1) high tear:To fix a high tear lower the nocking point or adjust rest up.If you can't stop the high tear try a lower # post like a 2 or 1.
If that has no affect on tear see cam rotation problems.
2)low tear:To fix a low tear raise the nocking point or adjust rest down.If you can't stop the low tear try a higher # post like a 3 or 2.
If that has no affect on tear see cam rotation problems
3)Right tear:To fix a right tear move rest towards vanes(Right).
4)Left tear:To fix a left tear move rest towards vanes(Left).
If you have any problems and can't get good arrow flight.Please contact me.Thanks Mike

Please contact me if you have any problems!!!!! I know more than most pro shops and pro's!!

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