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Recurves and Cross Bows needs a different type of strings for those bows. The low strech and no creep strings don't work good with those bows. They are hard on the limbs so I make these strings and cables with the best string material that has low strech and low creep. B500 Polyester is ideal for traditional archer (Recurves) also recommended for cross bows by BCY. Now you can have cool colors that make your cross bow or recurve stand out and look cool!
Facts: Recommended strands 16
Breaking strenght: Approx ft/lb 4300



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Also available in Black and White!

Ordering Mike's Strings and Cables for Recurves or Cross Bows: Use the Paypal button or blue button at bottom to pay for order then Use the Comment box below to place your order. Make sure to put full email address so I can return any comments or can contact you if there is any problems.
Besure to list string lenght or cable lenght. Also colors desired for string and serving. Thanks Mike

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$20.00us= New Recurve string.(Free Shipping)

$20.00us=New Recurve String.(Free Shipping)

$20.00us=New Cross Bow String.(Free Shipping)

$20.00us=New Cross Bow String.(Free Shipping)

$15.00us=New Cross Bow Cable.(Free Shipping!)

$15.00us=New Cross Bow Cable.(Free Shipping!)

$40.00us=New String and Cables for Cross Bow.(Free Shipping!)

$40.00us=New String and Cables for Cross Bow.(Free Shipping!)

"The right string for the right bow is very important in the right balance in the bow and arrow set up." A balanced bow and arrows makes you successfull. "Shoot like a pro!"

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