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Smart Rangerfinder's-Are they smart or dum?

Before you spend your hard earned money and miss that big buck of a lifetime its important to see if the new smart rangefinder's will work for you or give you a nightmare on your hunting trip.
I decided to do this Myth Buster's of Archery on the new smart rangefinder's because I don't want people to get busted with a rangefinder that doesn't work for them.
I was watching one of the outdoor chanel's shows and saw what was very interesting.They were hunting big horn rams in the high country with mountains steeper or as steep as 40 degress. They had the NEW SMART RANGEFINDER'S. They watched this really nice ram on the hill.They ranged the ram at 353 yards.The shooter used his shooting sticks with his riffle and took aim at the big ram.He tested his riffle before leaving camp and it was dead on and didn't bump or hurt riffle when hiking so gun was in perfect shape. The First shoot hit about 20 yards short but ram didn't move lucky. He then raised higher for the secound shot and still short. He was very lucky and on the third shot the ram went down. He tested the gun at the return of the trip and it was dead on.So before you go out and buy a smart rangefinder its best to find out if its right for you or not. I'm going to explain why he missed and if the smart rangefinder is good or bad for your shooting style.

This Myth Buster's of Archery is under construction. Will finish when I have time. Sorry, Mike

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