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Arrow rest drag?
This section of Myth Buster's of Archery is on drag created by the arrow rest.Some people worry about the lost of energy due to drag on the arrow rest.So I'm testing and finding out how much drag is created and how much energy is lost and if its a problem or not. I will test all arrow rests by using the same bow and arrow set up and a chronograph and arrow weight to find out what arrow rest produces the less amount of drag and how they tune.

Arrow Rest # 1
Stealth Hunter Rest.
Arrow speed: 324-323 FPS
Kinetic Energy: 63.768-63.375
Arrow flight/Tunning: 1 shot
Number of shots to get bullets.


Arrow rest # 4
Arch Rival arrow rest.
Arrow speed: 328-321 FPS
Kinetic energy: 65.352-62.592
Arrow flight/Tunning: 25 shots(No bullets)


Arrow rest #2
Drop-away rest.
Arrow speed:325-318 FPS
Kinetic energy:64.162-61.428
Arrow flight/Tunning: 8 shots
Number of shots to get bullets.


Arrow rest # 5
TM Hunter type.(Micro adjustable.)
Arrow Speed: 320-317 FPS
Kinetic Energy: 62.203-61.042
Arrow flight/Tunning: 1 shot
Number of shots to get bullets.


Arrow rest # 3
Whisker Bisquit.
Arrow speed:324-321 FPS
Kinetic Energy:63.768-62.592
Arrowflight/Tunning: 4 shots
Number of shots to get bullets.


Arrow Rest # 6
Spring Tention.
Arrow speed: 323-317 FPS
Kinetic Energy: 62.592-61.042
Arrow flight/Tunning: 9 shots
Number of shots to get bullet.

Arrow drag is it a problem? As you can see there are some big differences in energy between arrow rests and some can be a problem.The best was 65 pounds and lowest was at 61 pounds. That's a big difference. The lost of 4 pounds is big and is a problem. Unless your shooting high poundage for the game you hunt and shoot more accurate then its not a problem.
Rest # 1
The stealth hunter rest really surprized me. I excepted some lose of energy but too my surprize it was one of the best.Only 1-1 1/2 pounds less than fastest but what was more important is how consistent it was.
1) Tunning was easy at only 1 shot. That's a plus!
2) Consistent speed! I only had one arrow at 323 FPS.All were at 324 FPS.This would explain why the normal reaction of  a 6" groups shrinking to a 3" group from customers. Its easy to tighten up groups when your arrows leave the bow with the same amount of energy and in line with target and straight. The same amount of thrust is an improtant factor in accurate shooting.That's why Pro shooter Larry wise said you must shoot from the middle of the valley for consistent thrust to the arrow to win. With the Stealth Hunter you get this affect even when not trained to shoot from middle of valley.That's why It will help you "shoot like a pro!".
3)Because of the lost of 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of energy that's not a big problem compared to the accurate ability's of the rest.
Rest # 2
The drop-away rest shot with good energy but showed inconsistant thrust.
1)Not that easy to tune. Took 8 shots.No surport to stablize arrow.My friends Rip cord made contact with arrows showing black marks on vanes and inaccurate groups.
2)Inconsistant arrow speeds! Due to no arrow surport there is inconsistant thrust's to the arrow from 318-325 FPS. This equals poor groups.Note: If your bow is extremely poorly designed then its best to use a drop-away rest with vanes that spin the arrow good like the Acu-Vanes,Turbo nocks and Quick Spins.
3)The lost of energy average is 1 1/2 pounds.That shouldn't be a problem.
Rest # 3
The Whisker Bisquit did a good job of consistant arrow flight and easy tunning.
1)Tunning was easy with only 4 shots.That's Good!
2)consistant speed! Not as good as the Stealth Hunter rest but still good.
3)The lost of energy is the same as other good rests at 1 1/2 pounds less than fastest.
Rest # 4
The Arch Rivel arrow rest was the fastest but showed extreme different's in thrust and Inconsistant speeds.
1)Untuneable! Due to no resistance on wheel and no surport and design there is no control and arrows fly out in any direction.
2)Inconsistant speed! Poor groups due to most inconsistant speed and arrows fly any where.
3)This rest was the fastest at 328 FPS but average at 324.5.That's still .5 faster than others but arrowflight is out of control.
Rest # 5
The TM Hunter rest really surprized me with the one shot tunning but it had the most drag of all.
1)Tunning was easy at only 1 shot.That's a plus!
2)Consistant speed! The TM Hunter got consistant thrust but not as good as Stealth Hunter and it was the slowest losing 3 pounds of energy.
3) Poor speed and lost of energy but groups should be good.
Rest # 6
The Spring Tention rest had inconsistant speeds, lost alot of energy and hard to tune.
1) Tunning was bad at 9 shots.Hard to elimate contact.
2) Inconsistant speeds! Due to unequal thrust groups should be bad.
3)Due to no surport also and design arrows don't receive full energy at only 62 pounds
In general the Stealth Hunter was the best rest with equal speeds, easy tunning and secound best with energy transfer. This surpized me and strenghtened my faith in this rest. You will need to find out what rest works best for you and use it. Thanks Mike

Note: I found out after testing that with Extremely weak spine arrows you will lose about 4-5FPS with the Stealth Hunter Rest and 1-3Fps with low poundage bows from 55-35 pounds.
Make sure your arrow spine is strong enough for the poundage you are shooting! It is extremely dangerous to shoot an arrow that is rated for 25-45 pounds in a bow that is 65 pounds. Thanks Mike

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