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How to fix arrow pole vaulting,whipping or deflecting!

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Pole vaulting, arrow whipping, and arrow deflection has been a major topic sence the intoduction of the mechanical broadhead. But did you know that it happens also with fix broadheads. Many manufacters and others miss lead the public with alot of miss information.This problem has been around long before mechanical's so don't blame them for a poor shot but rather sit back and find out what causes this problem and fix it. Here are the steps to fix these problems and increase penetration and accuracy.Let's kill that big buck and put the odds in our favor!

Before I start steps on fixing this problem I need to explain what causes the problem.
Pole vaulting,arrow whipping and deflecting is caused by the archer's paradox or the bending motion of the arrow as it flies thought the air. The arrow bends back and forth like a snake if watched in slow motion video. This bending action depending on the bow and arrow set up may last up to 30+ yards and is great for target shooting but extremely bad for hunting.

Target shooting-Arrow deflecting works great for target shooting.Why? Because most target shooting distances are 30 yards or shorter.The bending motion of the arrow helps on the impact of the target. Because the arrow is acting weak or bending when it hits the target it follows the less amount of resistance or bends into the previse hole. So if you make the first shot good then its easier to put the rest on target because if your close then the arrows slides into or the hole guides the arrow in the hole giving you a tighter group. Note: This gives you a tight picture on paper and great scores and forgiving because you can hit on either side of hole.But this produces a false tight group and not recommended for hunting because arrow will deflect off bones and other tissues causing a poor hit with little damage.Arrow may even pole vault away from animal or get poor penetration.
Most people go to the pro shops which sets you up with this kind of set up thinking accuracy is more important but not realizing that there getting false groups and introducing a nightmare in the field of hunting because most pro shops don't understand arrow flight.Here is your best set up for target only bow.
*Any type of bow
*Slighty weak arrow-Note: not too weak for your poundage.
Experiment with different spline or spine arrows and lenght to find a good match.
I recommend buying Archer's Advantage.You can find the perfect spline without
spending hundreds of dollars testing arrows and print out sight tapes.
*Drop-away rest-The drop-way rest drops before arrow can stablize increaseing or forming Archer's Paradox.Note:Most of the drop-away rests don't really drop away in time before the arrow leaves so contact with rest leaves marks on vanes and super bad bending of arrow when leaving bow.This is not recommended even when trying to get the Archer's Paradox.Make sure you get a good drop away rest.

Hunting Set up-For hunting you don't want the Archer's paradox.You want the arrow  to fly out straight with no bending so the center of the shaft hits the animal square with all the force straight inline with shaft and driving the shaft straight into the animal. With a stiff shaft the energy is more focussed on the tip and little too no bending on impact.This drives the shaft more square on the animal and almost makes it impossible for arrow to deflect,whip or pole vault. It also increases the penetration the most of all.In fact it is the major factor in penetration.The only problem is that not all bows can shoot a stiff arrows because of designs.Some  bows cast stiff arrows sideways and introduces Archers paradox so a good bow design is a must. Your paper scores will be alittle wider because arrows don't bend into the precise hole but you will drive it home on game animals.Follow the steps below and shoot straight and hard into that animal.

*Choose a bow with Good center shot design.-The string should run down center of bowhandle or riser and cam track.Note:Doesn't have to be perfect but close.
*Use a arrow shaft that's stiffer in spline or spine than recommended.-A balance of weight and spline for speed and penetration is recommended depending on your bow.
*Use a good arrow rest that stablizes the arrow as it leaves the bow.-The Stealth Hunter Rest and Whisker Bisquit do the best jobs at this.The arrow must leave or needs to leave bow with low to zero bending.These rests work best.
*Use a good center serving on bowstring so arrow releases cleanly from string.-The nock fit of center serving on the string must be perfect so arrow releases cleanly.See Mike's strings and cables for more information.
*Paper tune bow so its shooting bullets.-See paper tunning.
*Use Acu-vanes or Turbo Nocks or Quick Spin vanes or Vanes with good helical with drop away rests or just use a Stealth Hunter rest.-These products work best for stablizing the arrows and counter acting the bending motion.

Arrow whipping,pole vaulting and deflecting are a majior problem.We as hunters need to make sure the sport is still here by useing humain hunting tecniquies.By using equipment that helps us take our game better is important.I still recommend not taking shots at animals that are sharply turned and don't give a good kill shot.Useing a stiffer arrow and good equipment can increase our odds but we still need to take the right shots.Thanks Mike

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