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What is the most important part of the bow and arrow set up? The string and cables!

Silver and bronze twist with dark green serving.
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The most overlooked and most important part of the bow is the string and cable. Why? The string and cable control a lot of factors that affect arrow flight and accurate shooting.
Factors and problems: Cam rotation problems- When the string or cable creeps(The string or cable strech's and doesn't return back to its original length). When this  happens, changes in drawlength, poundage, and Nock travel are the result. Your bow casts the arrow differently due to the changes. A loss or gain of speed due to poundage change and drawlength change will affect up and down arrow flight; more importantly nock travel may change into a "roller coaster ride" for your arrow making your bow untunable due to the sharp exit launch at the end of the power stroke or release of the arrow. We all have had problems with cam timing with two cam bows and now even more headaches with the new Tri-nary,Bi-nary and cam and 1/2 systems. They are even harder to keep in tune with the mega fast speeds these bows are producing; even the solo cams run into problems when the cams are under rotated or over rotated.
Don't waste your time tunning your string and cable set up every two weeks due to creep! Get Mike's Strings And Cables! Zero Creep, Super Quiet, Super Fast, Deadly Accurate! Demand the Best!
See why Mike's Strings and cables are the best and how they are so fast, quiet, stable and accurate below!

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Mike's Strings and Cables are made with only the best string material 452x. Tests have proven that it doesn't creep or stretch like all other string materials. Because there is no creep your bow stays in tune with zero cam rotation.Your bow stays rock solid! Consistent cast of arrow-flight. Same poundage, drawlength, and same nocktravel equals great arrow-flight or consistent arrow-flight! Less oscillating equals less noise!
Problem #1 fixed! Your bow stays in tune!Zero Creep!
Recommended strands: 20 for 70 pounds or less
                                       24 for 70 pounds or more
Breaking strength: Approx ft/lb 8800
Note: 452x has the strongest breaking strength than any other material so I recommend 20 strands for max speed.

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Problem # 2 Nock fit.
When the nock fit is to tight it slams the arrow on the rest or gives the arrow a side to side whipping action on release. This is just as bad as a roller coaster ride due to nock travel problems. It has the same affect! Bad arrow-flight. The nock must fit snug or slightly loose when on the string.It should click on but not pinch the string, therefore the string can move free without the arrow nock affecting it; this helps with peep rotation and more importantly the arrow releases cleanly with no affect of the string oscillating on release or no roller coaster ride for the arrow. Along with that there is no noise on release or no pucking of the violin.

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Static yoke system

Problem # 3 Horizontal string travel.
With some bows its important to have the cable served by the split "Y". With this you can adjust either side of the split "Y" for level limbs and level cam lean or zero cam lean. I normally serve all cables for this purpose but some bows don't need this option. I do make a Floating yoke if desired but must be requested!

Click on picture for tunning tip.
Fixing cam lean/ Limb lean and Horizontal Nock travel

As you can see the most important thing you can do to make your bow shot better is replacing your String and cable or cables with good stable strings made with 452x.

Color Choice's!
Click on picture for larger view of colors!

Super Colors! Black, White, Fluorescent Green, Kiwi Green, Green, OD Green, Teal, Dark Brown, Brown, Root Beer, Metallic Bronze, Cedar, Buck Skin, Gold, Pink, Light Pink, Black Cherry, Mountain Berry, Red, Sunset Orange, Fluorescent Orange, Flourescent Yellow, Yellow, Light Blue, Electric Blue, Royal Blue, Flourescent Purple, Purple and Silver.

Center and End Servings Choices!
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      Note this is very IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!
These serving colors are transparent yellow, orange, Fluorescent green, pink and clear(white). They work good on light colors but not dark colors except Clear. Clear give a gray see through appearance. The Silver, Black, Light green, Dark green, Bronze(Tan)(Light Brown) and Dark brown work good on any color.They are non transparent. The Red, Mountain berry, Purple and Blue are semi-transparent. They can go either way.

Click here for a list of the Dealer's !
Click here for a list of Dealer's!

Dealer's List:Be-sure to click on the logo on the side to see dealer's list. They can order and install your strings. This can save you money if you don't know how to install strings and they can tune your bow for max performance. If there is no dealer in your area then order below.


" I use paypal because its safe for me and my customer's. When I ship order's by paypal you will get a tracking email for your strings. This will let you know the day I shipped and when its at your post office. "If you don't have paypal you can order by your debit or credit card. It is powered or protected by Paypal so your information is protected and safe. Thanks for your business, Mike

How to order Mike's Strings and Cable?
Use the order box on the side to place an order. I need the color twist desired, the end serving color or colors and the center serving color. Also the bows name, axle to axle, poundage and string and cable length. Don't forget the type of nocks or arrows for nock fit. Then use the paypal button below to pay for your order. I will not start or make orders until payment is received. It takes 1-4 days making strings and 2-7 days shipping in the us and 7-18 days outside the us. For idea's on color choices see below ordering.
If you don't have a paypal account then use the blue buttons and use your debit or credit card. Its protected by Paypal. Thanks Mike

This is a example of a bow with roller wheels.
These bows are five dollars more in price.

Here is an other example of a bow with rollers.
This bow is five dollars more.

Single products are in line under here. If you just need a single string or cable then order below. This is for US and Non US customers also. The price is the same. Thanks Mike

$30 Custom Solo Cam String only for all customers.

$30 Custom Solo cam string only for all customers.

$20 Custom Dual Cam String only for all customers.

$20 Custom Dual Cam String only for all customers.

$20 Custom Cable for solo cam or dual cam. Only one cable for all customers.

$20 Custom Cable for solo cam or dual cam bows. Only one cable for all customers.


$50us=Pro Series Solo Cam String only for 3D/Fita/Target.

$50us=Pro Series Solo Cam String only for 3D/Fita/Target.

$25us=Pro Series Dual Cam String only for 3D/Fita/Target.

$25us=Pro Series Dual Cam String only for 3D/Fita/Target.

$25us=Pro Series Cable only for 3D/Fita/Target.

$25us=Pro Series Cable for 3D/Fita/Target.

Order box.
Be-sure to put full email address so I can return emails for questions and contact you if there are any problems. Thanks Mike

Full name:
Email address:

Prices for USA customers. Note the price is different because shipping is cheaper.

$35 Complete set of string and cable or cables for a bow for USA customers.

$35 Complete set of string and cable or cables for USA Customers.

$40 Complete set of string and cable or cables with bow with roller guard wheels for USA customers.

$40 Complete set of string and cable or cables for bow with roller wheels for USA customers.

$50 US=Total Camo string and cable/cables set. The serving is camo also for total camo for US customers. Specify colors brown camo or green camo. 

Non USA orders are a higher price to cover the higher price of shipping. Order prices are below.

$45 Complete set of string and cable or cables for a bow with roller wheels guard cables for out of USA customers.

$45 Complete set string and cable or cables of a bow with roller guard wheels set for out of USA customers.

$40 Complete set of string and cable or cables for a bow for out of USA customers.

$40 Complete set of string and cable or cables for non USA customers.

$55 us=Total Camo string and cable/cables set. Serving is camo also to match strings for non us customers. Specify Brown camo or Green camo strings.

The Pro Series String and cable/cables are made for top target archers. They are designed for max performance in consistence. They are made with extra strands and designed to tune bows and increase strength. All servings are served with ultra lock. It helps with keeping servings tight and shock resistance. 

$70 us=Target Pro Series string and cable/cables set for US customers.

$70.00us=Target Pro series string and cable/cables set for US customers.

$80us=Target Pro series string and cable/cables set for NON US customers.

$80us=Target Pro series string and cable/cables set for NON US customers.

$60us=3D/Fita Pro Series String an Cable/Cables Set for US customers.

$60us=3D/Fita Pro Series String and Cable/Cables Set for US customers.

$70us=3D/Fita Pro Series String and Cables/Cable Set for Non US customers.

$70us=3D/Fita Pro Series String and Cable/Cables Set for Non US customers.

Checkout this cool three color camo strings to match the camo of your bow or clothes! Don't forget to click on pictures for larger view!











Mike's warranty covers any problems or mistakes made to the strings such as wrong lengths, peep rotation problems after 100 shot break in period, Serving separation within 200 shots and wrong placement of servings. This warranty is only good if you return product for inspection within 30 days. Outside the us the product must be returned within 90 days. The product will then be tested for length, peep rotation, and separation. If there is a problem you will get a new replacement string or cable or the product will be fixed. If product is good or with no problems then you will be put on the "No Service list" and no longer can buy any of my products and if you order your money will be sent back or refunded. I don't serve those people that try to take advantage of this awesome price for my strings. I work hard making my strings the best I can and at this price I can't afford to replace strings and cables that have no defects. I already give you the best price and when I have to replace any strings or cables I make less than minimum wage. What can I do when the string or cable is at the perfect length? When the length is perfect then thats a good idea that the installer is installing strings wrong or your string or cable is shorter or longer than call out. I don't have the power to know that you need a 1/4 inch shorter or longer string or cable if you don't tell me or if manufacturer doesn't have it as a call out. If you don't give me the length then I can only make them to follow the manufacturers call out. Why should I have to pay for the manufacturers and your misinformation? They don't put this information on call outs because the string and cable can be adjusted to fit perfect if the installer knows what he is doing. You can contact me any time for any help to fix this or any problem. Click on the link below to see how to fix these problems, install and tune your new strings and cables. These tips will help you not only install your string and cables right but tune them like the pro's. Thanks Mike 

"Installing your strings and super tunning your bow!"

Feedback from customers-
 Stacie(WI)-"Speedy delivery,Great Quality Strings,Will deal with again and again!!!!"
Karl(FL)-"The strings look great!" "The bowtech string and cable were perfect and already shooting darts."
Jeff(KY)-"Excellent Seller,He responds to questions and ships fast!Thanks Mike!
Al(AZ)-"I did what you told me to do and it worked great. My cam is where it was before....shoot the bow 50 shots.I didn't have to adjust my sights,dead on with my 25 yard pin.Note:Al marked his cams before taking them off.This is a awesome way to put bow back to where is was or the same as before.Hats off to Al!Good job!
DMC( TX )-"My bow has always had a misaligned peep.After every shot, the loop had to be twisted.It was a pain to shoot. Your string has solved this problem. Amazing the bow is perfect thanks to your product.It has earned my business.The bow shop at Gander MT. were amazed at the price,quality and fit.Thanks DMC
Stan(IA)-"Very fast shipping,outstanding to work with,no bologna from Mike.
Anthony(NY)-"The string really changed the shooting of the bow much better and for some reason quiter.""I need a new string for Hornet 2 and Extreme solo cam."Note:A soild more consistent string and proper nock fit will tighten up your groups.Good string and Stealth Hunter rest = Great arrow flight!
Brain(FL)-"Great to deal with, does anything to help you.AAA+"
Jeremiah(MA)-"That string is working great,with in a few minutes I was driving tacks again,Thanks!"
Gordon(  )-"I ordered a set of strings from Mike on a Thursday night and asked if I could get them fast.Mike made the strings and shipped them on Friday.I received them on Monday and they were perfect. He even served in a nock point and installed a string loop.I will buy again.Thanks Mike"-Note:Check out some of Gordon's sell's on ebay!
Jeff-"The string and cables worked great.Fit was perfect.You do great work."
Jerry-"I received the string for my granddaughters bow and it is beautifull.I just wanted you to know that you did a great job making it.Thanks again!"
Brent(UT)-"I was about to give up on archery.Every year I would be high or low and miss all the time. Thanks to the bow you built and strings and stealth hunter rest I not only had a hunt of a life time but shot a big 2 by 3 muley deer.I can't wait until next year! I love archery now! Thanks a ton!"
Roy(MA,Methuen)-"Mike, I don't know how you made a 20 year old bow shoot like a brand new one but you did! Converting old steel cables to strings, changing cams and so on. You did what all of the local bow shops didn't want to do and would not spend time doing. You saved me hundreds and I thank you so much." Note: Most pro shops are not pro shops. Their understanding of bows and arrow flight is limited.Why? because they use the bow manufactors for information. The problem is even the engineers are ignorant. I have had alot of engineers laugh at me and say it was impossible but a few weeks later I have built the impossible. It's funny I invent something 2-10 years earlier and it comes out as the big hit on the archery market later."When will they learn?"
Mike(FL)-"Hi Mike, tested the bow with your str/cbl set this morning at the local Bass pro and here at home. Set up my paper box at 6 feet from arrow tip...First shot...BULLET HOLES! Then shot 4 more from same distance, with same result. I then moved box out to 10 feet, same BULLET HOLES! Went home and shot approx 2 doz arrows, the bow shoots very consistantly and speed looks same as stock string judging from depth of penetration into foam target block. Give yourself a huge pat on the back Mike. The string is s-w-e-e-t, and looks awesome. Will send pics if I can put bow down long enough to get around to it, lol. Thanks a million, you are the best!!!" Note: Mike is a super repeat customer! A good stable string gives consistant arrow flight and great groups. Besure to paper tune bow. It may take a few shots before bullets are achieved.Thanks Mike
Keith-"Received the strings today and installed them. To say I was impressed is an understatement. Everything so far looks perfect. Love the quality for sure." Note: because I'm human I do make misstakes. With new bows I may need you to return for any fixing. Thanks Mike
Marty(Arkansas)-" I've gotten a couple of guys around here to put on Mike's Strings and Cables and they are very satisfied with them. Thanks guys for producing quality products and keeping the cost favorable."
Chad-"I was looking for a string to replace my WC on my Sceptor. I came across a website....Mike's Strings and Cables. He had custom strings for 30 bucks with free shipping. I figured why not. I got the strings in 4 days. Honestly I wasn't expecting much for $30. I put them on and had peep set in at about 30 shots. After 500 shots they look just like the day I got them in the mail. I am amazed! This guy really takes pride in his work. Some of the tighest end servings I have ever seen. Keep up the good work!!!"
Chad(Alaska)- "I was planning on getting a Winner's Choice string and then ordered your strings. After shooting your strings for two weeks I knew I made the right choice."
Greg(WY)-"Once again thank you for the GREAT strings and cables you make. From what I've seen in my 30+ years of bowhunting there are none better!!"
Carl(WY)-"I use to make my own strings and cables for me and my friends but after tring your strings at that great price and amazing quality its a waste of my time. I'll just get them from you."
Thanks to the Guys serving our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marvin(Iraq)-"Cool colors and shots sweet."
Patrick(AF)-"Got the strings, they look awesome, thanks for the work on them. Flow green looks good, you have my business for years to come.Thanks again Bud"
Mike DeWitt(U.S. Army)-"Set up and been shooting Mike's Strings and Cables for about a month now. Great quality,superior details in color, and one heck of a guy to do business with."
 Shipping is free!

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Thank you to all my customers and great success in archery!
Working together for better archery products.
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